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Aralis's Little Corner of the Web
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WARNING!! This is my attempt at making a little site for myself. I don't know html or any other of that stuff so this is the best i could come up with.:P Here you will learn alittle about me and my world.

Purple Crystal Ball


Welcome to my personal web site!

My heart goes out to all those who were directly affected by Sept. 11th's trajedy. Nobody should have to face such a horrible and devasting event like that. I feel for you. My thoughts and sympathy are with you all.



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Cold's website

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Click here for Cold's Go Away

Above: Scooter from Cold

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What's New?

I am currently unemployed and seeking work. I am so sick of interviews and resumes and filling out applications I could puke! The job market just isnt't what it use to be and I want to get out of retail managment soo bad but that's what I've been doing for soo long and it seems no one wants to hire me for clerical work since i only have one year of office experience and am not familiar with alot of programs. Sucks....guess I'm doomed to retail and working weekends and holidays!:(


My other little space on the web..check it out!


Dave Navarro/ Flea
Glitter/ Sequins
Low rise jeans/ High waisted jeans
Vinyl/ Suede
Short skirts/ Long skirts
Staind/ Limp Bizkit
Tights/ Nylons
Boots/ Tennis shoes


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Thanks for popping in....don't be a stranger.


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