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Aralis's Little Corner of the Web
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Alittle about myself

Greetings and Salutations! My real name is Heather but i go by Aralis or Aralis66 on the net. I am 25 soon to be 26(damn i'm getting old...i don't feel that old!) and currently reside in the good ole lovely (heh) Michigan. I live in a small town outside of Flint where there is nothing to do and most of the people around here suck.

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I live with my boyfriend and our pets...our beloved dog Kaya and my chinchilla Reznor. I work in retail management unfortunately and am currently seeking employment. I've been off for about 2 months now and im going crazy.....I HATE NOT HAVING ANY MONEY!!! See i have this problem.....i like to shop and buy things...especially clothes and im just about ready to do anything to get a large sum of money to blow!

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I consider myself an intelligent openminded individual. I am caring, creative, pretty damn honest, and have a good sense of humor. I have a short attention span and dont like to sit for long periods of time. I'm a bit neurotic about cleanliness and being tidy!

In appearance I'm about 5'3 and medium build. I have very dark brown eyes and my hair is naturally brown but I'm always changing it....I get bored. Right now its kinda a auburn color with light and dark red highlights. I have no tattoes yet....i will get one someday I'm sure and my ears and left eyebrow are peirced.



Here are a few of my favorite things......

BANDS-Jane's Addiction, System of a Down, Rasputina, Portishead, Radiohead, Manson, London after Midnight, Velvet Acid Christ, Staind, Cold, The Cure, Garbage, STP, Disturbed, Tool, Counting Crows, Ween, Bush, Skinny Puppy, Type O, Moby, Human League, OMD, and many many others that i cant think of right this second. I just can't stand country and most rap. I mostly listen to industrial, heavy, alternative, goth, electronic, and techno music.


MOVIES: The Crow, Interview with a Vampire, Sleepy Hollow, American Pie, The Cell, Requiem for a Dream, Blow, The Beach, and High Fidelity...i know there's more but im having writers' block.